The Swedish climate varies from the north to the south with four distinct seasons.

The spring offers blossoming landscapes and lush greenery throughout the country. Daylight hours increase with as much as half an hour every week from February up until June.

The summer months offer temperatures ranging from 15 to 30 degrees Celsius. It is a mainly dry season with long hours of daylight, during which lakes and seas hold temperatures of approximately 15 to 25 degrees. In the north you can experience almost 24 hours of daylight during June and July.

A beautiful shade of colours cover the great forests in the autumn creating vivid scenery, accompanied by clear light and pleasant temperatures.

Starting in November, the winter season is considerably darker and colder (although dry) with reliable winter settings. Temperatures span from plus 5 to minus 40 degrees Celsius in the most northern regions with few hours of daylight. The famous Northern Lights are frequently visible during this time.