The beautiful country of Sweden offers a wide variety of scenery and unique locations.

Stockholm is built upon numerous islands with easy access to water throughout the city. The architecture is unique in its mix of historic buildings alongside contemporary Scandinavian design, and the city’s countless calm inner courtyards stand in sharp contrast to its bustling city life.

In the south of Sweden you will find long sandy beaches, marvellous hills, apple groves and historic castles. The centre offers great forests, both pine and evergreen, and the amazing Stockholm archipelago.

The north is famous for its spectacular mountainous scenery with sweet water lakes and Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis). The island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea is the setting for the historic Hansa town Visby and the unique rock formations called Raukar.

The Right of Public Access simplifies shooting on location and rarely involves location fees. Travelling within Sweden is also easy and numerous international airports allow transport to other parts of the country.

Whether you are looking for the genuinely Swedish or for modern Scandinavian design we know where to find it.